Inpatient Services

Inpatient Services

Video Telemetry

Video telemetry is an assessment used to further investigate conditions such as epilepsy and non-epileptic attack disorder.  

It involves a five day admission to hospital during which electrical signals from the brain are monitored using EEG and a video of any clinical activity is recorded.  

The doctors can then look at what happens to a patient’s brain activity whenever they experience a symptom/event or seizure.
Neurologists may refer a patient who reports having seizures for video telemetry to help them understand and diagnose their condition.  

In many cases patients are diagnosed with non-epileptic attack disorder.

Neuropsychologists are part of this diagnostic process and available to offer emotional support around diagnosis as well as further treatment for non-epileptic attack disorder.  
Patients may also undergo video telemetry if they are considering surgery for epilepsy as the EEG monitoring may help pinpoint where in the brain the seizures are coming from.

In these cases a Neuropsychological assessment of cognitive abilities such as memory and emotional issues is carried out, and the results used in conjunction with video telemetry and other investigations.


For more information on the video telemetry service please see the pdf file below (click the image to download or view).