The neuroradiology department, based at Salford Royal Hospital is one of the largest neuroimaging centres in

the UK, providing in excess of 45000 clinical imaging examinations per year in support of the allied

Neuroscience specialties, Spinal  and Head and neck surgery and the major trauma centre at Salford Royal.   

Neuroradiology plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of Neurological disease such as brain

tumours, stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and Trauma among many more.  

This utilises a workforce of over 100 staff, lead by 10 full time Neuroradiologists.  

Diagnostic Services

The department is currently equipped with 3 CT scanners and 3 stationary 1.5 T MR Scanners with the use of

an additional 3T research scanner.  

The department boasts a newly renovated angiography suite with single and biplane angiography equipment

in addition to two separate fluoroscopy machines.  

A range of diagnostic investigations are available from an x-ray of your lower back to advanced imaging

techniques such as perfusion imaging, tractography (mapping of brain white matter) and functional MRI.  


Interventional Services 

Neuroradiology also plays an increasing role in the treatment of disease and the radiology department at

Salford royal offers a range of interventional techniques including minimal invasive treatment of brain

aneurysms, vascular malformations and acute stroke (thrombectomy).  

Many spinal interventional procedures are also carried out, ranging from Vertebroplasty (Vertebral cement

injection) to spinal injections and contrast myelography. 


A service for all of Greater Manchester

In addition to the work based at Salford Royal, the department provides a diagnostic outreach service

throughout the greater Manchester region and has close ties to the Christie Hospital in the management of

brain and head and neck cancer care and the Manchester Children’s Hospital in Neuroimaging and

Neurovascular intervention. 

Education and Research

Manchester has been at the forefront of clinical neuroimaging, receiving one of the 1st three clinical CT

scanners ever built.  

High quality research continues today via close ties to the University of Manchester.    

The links to Higher and further education continue, with the department providing a structured teaching

program to medical undergraduates from the University of Manchester, radiography students from the

University of Salford and post graduate radiology trainees from the North West Radiology Training Scheme.

We also have two full time Neuroradiology Fellows who are in training to be specialist Neuroradiologists.