Visiting times

General ward visiting times are:

Afternoon: 14:30-17:00

Evening: 18:30-20:00

Visiting times may vary slightly from ward to ward, please check with ward staff prior to visiting.  Visiting times are displayed on the ‘safe, clean and personal’ notice board at the entrance to each ward.

To allow us to provide our patients with an enjoyable meal time and good nutrition please allow us to protect meal times.

We ask that you don’t visit the ward during meal times unless you are helping to assist the patient with their meal.

Meal times are displayed on the board at the entrance to each ward.

Please remember:

Visiting is restricted to a maximum of two visitors per bed.

We advise that you do not bring babies and young children onto the wards unless other arrangements have been agreed with the nurse in charge.

Before entering the ward we ask you to wash your hands at the hand basins at the entrance of every ward.

This is an infection control precaution as hand gel alone is not sufficient in preventing the spread of infections.

We also ask you to wash your hands on leaving the ward for the same reason. Nursing staff on the ward will be able to give you further information on infection control measures.


Hospital Meals

The Trust provides a range of catering services to suit your needs and our menus are designed to offer a wide selection of nutritional options.  The hospital's catering team cook fresh meals for our patients every day in our onsite kitchens.


Meals are served on each ward at the following times:

Breakfast:  07:30–08:30

Lunch:  12:00–13:00

Supper:  17:30–18:00

Mealtimes on the wards are protected which means that all non-urgent clinical tasks stop for a period of time so that patients can eat their meals in peace without being interrupted.



Cultural, religious and special diets

Our menus provide a choice for all patients including those with religious or cultural requirements or on special diets.  We provide specific menus for Kosher and Halal food. 




A number of cafés are located on the hospital site, providing hot and cold selections throughout the day:

Ground Café (Hope Building), open Monday to Friday 7.30am-8pm and Saturday-Sunday, 8am-8pm

Ground coffee pod (Main Entrance, Hope Building), Monday-Friday 8am-5pm 

Ground Café (Turnberg Building), open Monday to Friday, 8am-2pm

RVS Café (Ladywell Building), open Monday to Friday, 07:45am-07:45 and Saturday, 9am-2.45pm

The Christie Café (The Christie at Salford Royal), open Monday to Friday, 8am-3.30pm 

Additionally, a number of 24-hour vending machines are situated throughout the hospital.


Other facilities:

Trolley service

A trolley service operates Monday to Friday around the inpatient wards selling a selection of newspapers, magazines, toiletries and confectionery.  

The trolley service is operated by volunteers from the WRVS.



Level one of the Hope Building houses a number of shops and retail units including a pharmacy, a newsagent and a food store.

Additionally the WRVS operate a shop located on the corridor between the Ladywell and Brooke buildings.  

Open Monday to Friday, 09:00-15:00, the shop stocks a selection of newspapers, magazines, toiletries, confectionery and cards.


Payphones and postbox

There are a number of payphones situated across the site, please ask a member of staff for directions to the nearest one.

A Royal Mail postbox is situated opposite the main reception in Hope Building.



24-hour cashpoint facilities are located in Hope Building, Level one.


Internet access and Wi-Fi

Internet access on our wards is provided by the bedside entertainment systems.  

Please follow the instruction on the screen.  There is no Wi-Fi currently available to the inpatient wards.

Free WiFi is provided in the Hope Building Café.


Bedside entertainment system (Hospedia)

All our inpatient beds are equipped with a multimedia system at the bedside.  

These entertainment systems are provided by Hospedia and offer a range of options including, television, telephone, internet and radio.

When you reach your bed, follow the instructions on the bedside screen to get yourself set up.

The bedside entertainment screens also have the Patient Experience Discharge Survey.

This is a survey which you will be encouraged to complete as near to your discharge as possible.

There are eighteen questions relating to your care and treatment on the ward.

By completing this survey and adding comments you are helping us improve our services.