Hospital Admissions

Hospital Admissions

Before your admission


Main Entrance

Your appointment letter will tell you when you need to come into hospital and which ward you are being admitted to.

Please check the admission date carefully.  

If you think you might have a problem coming on the date specified, please use the contact details on your appointment letter to let us know as soon as possible to rearrange.

If English is not your first language or you need an interpreter, please contact the telephone number on your appointment letter to arrange the interpreting service.  

The ward staff are able to contact an interpreter if needed during your stay.


What to bring with you

  • Any tablets or medicine you have been taking at home

  • The name, address and telephone number of your GP

  • Contact numbers for close relatives or carers

  • A case or bag for your clothes

  • Night clothes including dressing gown and slippers

  • Casual clothes or leisure wear, depending on your length of stay

  • Personal toiletries (including hair brush, bath towel, flannel, tissues, razor and shaving materials)

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, dentures and a denture pot (if required)

  • A bottle of fruit juice or cordial

  • Things to help you pass the time, such as books, magazines, crossword puzzles, knitting etc.  Don’t forget to bring reading glasses if you use them

  • Some money to buy things such as newspapers from the hospital trolley and cards for the bedside entertainment system

  • Your diary, in case you need to arrange follow-up appointments.

You will have a small locker next to your bed for your personal possessions, however there is not much space, so only bring one or two sets of day clothes.

Please do not bring valuable items or large sums of money into hospital.  

If you can, please ask a relative or carer to take them home for you.  

If this is not possible, please give your valuables to the nurse in charge of your ward when you arrive who can lock them away for you.  

We cannot accept responsibility for any items that are lost and you will be asked to sign a disclaimer form.


Getting to the hospital

Please plan your journey in advance using the travel information available on our website.

We would usually expect you to make your own arrangements to get to the hospital.  However in exceptional circumstances hospital transport maybe available.  

Please contact the telephone number on your admissions letter.