Out patients

Out patients

Arriving for your outpatient appointment

Our Meet and Greet Service Pilot Scheme for visitors to the main hospital site has been launched.  

You can find out more about the service as well as apply for support with a visit to Outpatients using our online registration page.

Your outpatient letter will detail which outpatient desk you need to report to and where it is in the hospital.

When you book in, your personal details like your address, GP and next of kin will be checked.


What do I need to bring with me?

  • your appointment letter

  • medication - your appointment letter will say what you need to bring 

  • any samples that have been requested

  • any questionnaires you may have completed

  • money for prescriptions or an exemption certificate

  • a list of any questions

  • proof of UK residency i.e. medical card, passport, UK driving licence, pension book, utility bill, student ID

  • money for car parking charges


Your clinic area

We do our utmost to make sure you are seen on time.

However, there may be occasions when changes happen meaning your wait may be longer than usual.

If this happens, the clinic staff will tell you.

During your clinic appointment, you may be asked to have a test such as a chest x-ray so that the doctor has all the information needed to assess you.

Please be aware that it is advisable to leave extra time for your visit in case you are required to have a test carried out once the doctor has seen you.

The doctor may give you a prescription and will tell you if you need to collect it at the hospital pharmacy or if you can go to your local chemist.

If you have any queries when you are in clinic, the staff there will be happy to help.