Discharge and Followup

Discharge and Followup

Preparing to leave

Discharge planning starts during admission, when you will be asked a series of questions about returning home.

If you need to be cared for after your time in hospital, the ward staff will help you arrange it.  

If you are worried about how you will manage when you leave hospital, please speak with your nurse.

Your hospital doctor will write to your GP to tell them what treatment you have had.

Please tell your nurse if you don’t want your GP to know that you have been in hospital.

If possible, you should ask a relative or carer to bring you some outdoor clothing the evening before you leave.

Sometimes patients need extra rehabilitation prior to being discharged home.

This may involve you being referred to an intermediate care unit where you will receive intensive physiotherapy while being assessed so you can be safely discharged back to your own home.

If you require this care, your ward nurse will be able to explain this to you.

Before you leave you will be encouraged to complete the Patient Experience Discharge Survey using the bedside entertainment system.

There are eighteen questions relating to your care and treatment on the ward.  

By completing this survey and adding comments you are helping us to improve our services. 


On the day you leave

  • Don’t forget to arrange for someone to collect you

  • We would usually expect you to make your own arrangements for transport home.  However in exceptional circumstances hospital transport maybe available

  • You will be taken to the discharge lounge when you are ready to go home

  • We will make sure you have all the medicine you need along with accurate information on how to take them and any possible side-effects

  • If you need follow-up medicine you will be asked to visit your own GP.  


Things to do before you leave

  • Make sure you understand how any new medicines should be taken

  • Ask your nurse for any medical certificates you need

  • Ask for cash or valuables we have been keeping safe for you

  • If you are taking home any hospital equipment (such as crutches, walking frames etc), please bring them back with you at your next outpatient appointment.

Before leaving the ward the nursing or medical team should tell you about any things you should watch for after you go home depending on the surgery or procedure you have had.

Hospital staff should also tell you who to contact if you are worried about your condition or treatment after you leave hospital.