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Session Description

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Session 1:  


Basic Imaging modalities. Anatomy introduction. Organisation and structure of Nervous system: CNS, PNS, ANS 


Dr. Amit Herwadkar




Session 2:  


Neuroembryology. Basic Brain and spinal cord anatomy with clinical emphasis 


Dr. Amit Herwadkar




Session 3:  


Supratentorial anatomy 


Dr. Amit Herwadkar 




Session 4:  


Infratentorial anatomy: Organisation and intrinsic anatomy    


Dr. Amit Herwadkar




Session 5:  


Interpretation approach - Oedema, Stroke, Brain Herniation patterns     


Dr. Rekha Siripurapu


Video TBC shortly........




Session 6:  


Interpretation approach - Trauma and intracranial haemorrhage


Dr. Rekha Siripurapu




Session 7:  


Anatomy: Ventricles, basal cisterns and meninges. 


Dr. Amit Herwadkar




Session 8:  


Pituitary gland and pineal region anatomy 


Dr. Amit Herwadkar




Session 9:  


Cranial nerves: I, II, III, IV, V and VI     


Dr. Amit Herwadkar




Session 10:  


Cranial nerves: VII, VIII 


Dr. Amit Herwadkar




Session 11:  


Cranial nerves IX, X, XI, XII 


Dr. Amit Herwadkar




Session 12:  


Neoplasms: Single vs Multiple; Primary vs Secondary, Enhancement pattern 


Dr. Calvin SOH




Session 13:  


Interpretation of Hydrocephalus (Part 1 of 2), calcifications and post-operative findings on CT


Dr. Gillian Potter 




Session 14:  


Arterial anatomy of Brain; CTA, MRA, DSA


Dr. Amit Herwadkar




Session 15:  


Interpretation of Hydrocephalus (Part 2 of 2), calcifications and post-operative findings on CT


Dr. Gillian Potter 




Session 16:  


Venous anatomy of Brain; CTV, MRV and DSA


Dr. Amit Herwadkar




Session 17:  


Vascular Disorders - Aneurysms, Dissection, Thrombosis


Dr Christopher Hilditch




Session 18:  


Skull base: Anterior skull base, orbits and paranasal sinus


Dr. Amit Herwadkar




Session 19:  


Skull base: Middle cranial fossa 


Dr. Amit Herwadkar




Session 20:  


Skull base: Posterior cranial fossa 


Dr. Amit Herwadkar


Video TBC shortly........




Session 21:

Retrosigmoid Craniotomty and Microvascular Decompression  Ms. Charlotte Hammerbeck-Ward


Session 22:

Update on Motor Neurone Disease Dr. Amina Chaouch


Session 23:

Principals Of Epilepsy Surgery  Mr. Vivek Josan